How to arrive

Arriving by plane

The best option for reaching Pisa by air is through its airport, Pisa International Galileo Galilei Airport. The airport is conveniently located close to the city, allowing you to reach the city center in approximately 10 minutes by taxi, or depending on your accommodation location, even on foot. Given Pisa's compact layout and the proximity of many accommodations to the city center, the most straightforward and efficient approach is to fly into Pisa and then take a taxi to your destination.

The Pisa International Airport offers direct weekly connections to several major airports in various countries, including TiranΓ« (Albania), Paris (France), Porto (Portugal), London (United Kingdom), Charleroi (Belgium), Canary Islands (Spain) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Additional information about flights can be found here.

Arriving from another metropolitan areas

If you choose travelling to another major metropolitan area by plane due to economic or time considerations, the most convenient way to reach Pisa is by train. The train station is located close to the city center. Upon arrival, you will need to decide whether to take a taxi or a bus to reach your accomodation.

Arrive from Firenze

The second fastest way to reach Pisa is by flying to Florence (Amerigo Vespucci Airport), which offers a great number ofΒ  direct flights, and then taking a train. Florence Airport provides direct flights to TiranΓ« Β (Albania), Nantes, and Paris (France), Hamburg, Munich, and Frankfurt (Germany), Lisbon (Portugal), Barcelona and Madrid (Spain), Zurich (Switzerland), and London (United Kingdom), more information can be checked here. The airport is conveniently connected by train to both the center of Florence and the Pisa Train Station, which can be reached in less than 2 hours in most cases. Train schedules can be checked on the TRENITALIA website.

Arrive from Milan

Milan has three distinct airports: Milano Malpensa, Milano Bergamo, and Milan Linate. These airports provide direct flights to several important destinations, including Algiers (Algeria), TiranΓ« (Albania), Yerevan (Armenia), Vienna (Austria), Brussels (Belgium), Montreal (Canada), Shanghai, Wenzhou, and Beijing (China), Prague (Czechia), Copenhagen (Denmark), Hurghada, El Cairo (Egypt), Helsinki (Finland), Paris and Beauvais (France), Kutaisi (Georgia), Munich, Cologne-Bonn, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf (Germany), Budapest (Hungary), among others. Shuttle buses to Milan Station or direct trains to Florence (and continuing to Pisa) are available from these three airports, allowing you to reach Pisa in approximately five hours by train. Train schedules can be checked on the TRENITALIA website.

Arrive from Rome

Rome Airport (Leonardo da Vinci) is located in Fiumicino, approximately 20 minutes away from the Rome Center by train. It is the airport with the most direct international destinations, including Buenos Aires (Argentina), Vienna (Austria), Sofia (Bulgaria), Rabil (Cabo Verde), Montreal (Canada), Split (Croatia), Athens (Greece), New Delhi (India), Dublin and Cork (Ireland), Eindhoven and Amsterdam (Netherlands), Wroclaw and Krakow (Poland), Seoul (South Korea), Taipei (Taiwan), Istanbul (Turkey), among others. Direct trains from the airport to Florence (and onward to Pisa) are available, allowing you to reach Pisa in less than four hours by train. Train schedules can be checked on the TRENITALIA website.